Navaho, Jesmond

Just a quick one from me today guys.


Ever since new coffee shop Navaho reopened on Acorn Road, I’ve been curious to pop in. What exactly is it? Coffee shop or cafe? What type of food qualifies as Native American and how has it been translated into British tastes?

So (obviously), I had to make an excuse to pop in for lunch. First time round, with boyfriend M, we shared a couple of lattes and a brownie. The coffee is excellent- well rounded and served quickly, although they did get the order wrong (I’d asked for a large and they gave me a medium), which was quickly rectified by the barista.


Perhaps a little on the small side for the price, though! The pricing throughout seemed a little erratic. Some items were priced quite highly (such as a panini for nearly £5), whilst others seemed ridiculously cheap (£4 pulled beef soup or a £4.80 burrito, anyone?).

Second time round, friend N and I went for a light bite to eat. The menu is packed with everything from pancakes and porridge to Jambalaya soups and burgers (which answered my question- apparently most food qualifies as Native American in here!). N chose the tuna panini, which was wolfed down to great applaud.


At one point, it seemed like half of the Newcastle Falcons rugby team walked in- I’ve heard Navaho is a favourite haunt of theirs, possibly because of the whey protein option on their drinks. Or possibly because it actually just looks really cool.


Themed art, stripped-back lighting and a glass front makes the whole place feel sleek and yet somehow homely. I particularly liked the cute water bottles (you get one of your very own if you ask for tap water), and the jam jar glasses.


I warned you it would only be a little one! All-round, a good couple of experiences. I can definitely see myself coming here again, and would recommend it for anyone looking for a space to huddle down over their laptop and take advantage of the free WiFi.


FOOD: 7/10

COFFEE: 8/10




I’m off to frolic in the sun! Join me?


Peace and love,


The NCLinsider xx



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