Girls night – Cabana

After a big dissertation hand-in, it was finally time for a girly catchup. I hadn’t seen these two in forever, so where better to head than one of the hottest new openings in town; Brazilian-themed Cabana.


Festoon lighting, a South American-inspired menu and 2-4-1 on cocktails before 7 or after 10 (and not poorly priced between the two either) makes this place cosy and affordable to grab celebratory drinks.


We arrived half an hour early for our table and settled in at the bar. Enter the flaming cocktails and (not very) ladylike behaviour. Bar service is kept on a tab and added to your table, which saves you scrambling for change every time you want to split the 2-4-1 bill.


After a few pre-dinner looseners (try any of the caipirnihas, trust me), we shuffled over to our seat, a cute upholstered booth with views of the kitchen, where they cooked all the food right in front of you.


After watching the chefs whip up a few, I couldn’t help but order the Steak Fritas Osvaldo Aranha, with H following suit. They bring it to you still on the skewer and place it on your plate with a flourish. C had long-ago decided on the squid burger, being one of those people who need to know the menu inside out before dining out.

Calamari rings with lime mayonnaise and medium-rare steaks were paired with lashings of cheese and beany, meaty, delicious hash dolloped on a huge portion of fries (the Feijoada fries. I would recommend these 100%).


Only improved by a smooth, creamy colada in a coconut shell, and even more caipirinhas to round off the night.



My only criticism; it is situated right next to Turtle Bay (review to come), a very similar set-up with identical drinks deals, but Caribbean themed. Is that even a criticism? It just means you can stumble between bars without having to pay for a taxi.

So how did new opening fare?

FOOD: 7/10

DRINKS: 7/10




As we finished, they brought us our bill, complete with ‘wish bands’, which you tie around your wrist three times as you make a wish. When they eventually fall off, your wish will come true!

Adorable, if a bit impractical.


Viva Brazil!


The NCLinsider xx


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