Spring cleaning: Bedroom-ize

Get it? Bedroom eyes?

Small confession; I’m a trinket hoe. Mood boards? Inspiring lampshades that cost the earth? Tiny little bowls that never really have a purpose but are super super cute? Right up my street.

Thanks for joining me on my first foray into homewares blogging; if you like it, let me know in the comments and I’ll keep it up.


Home is where the heart is, and my heart is lying firmly in bed right now. This is the last thing you see at night and the first thing you see when you wake up, so it might as well be gorgeous.

All prices are based on two pillow cases and a double cover, where possible.

Cushion print (£140), Furniture print (£132),

Ted Baker hanging gardens print (Duvet £68), V&A bed set (£76),

Pom pom set (£116), Large print floral (£110),

Demure floral print (£35), Green linen (£140)

Statement pieces

You only need one or two of these per room; they speak for themselves. Yeah, they can err on the side of pricey, but for an investment piece, it’s worth it.

Wardrobe (£750), Swing chair (£250),

Shaggy stool (£290), Leather rug (£350),

Braided stool (£50), Dresser (£350),

Wool blanket (£80), Velvet chair (£429) (£229),

Unique Handira Blanket (£390), Bean bag chair (£50)


Trinkets, blankets, posters- stuff you switch up and about without too much thought (or too much money!) And not a cringe lovey-dovey wall sticker in sight.


Boho mirrors (£65 for 3), Fire escape shelf (£120), Towel rack (£40), Poster (£15),

Glass box (£15.99) (9.99), Leather tidy tray (£30), Metal tray (£30),

Shell tieback (£5), Frame (£20), Pomegranate Noir candle (£42),

Leather notebook (£20)

I know that candle is pricey, but Jo Malone can’t be beaten on price and quality and staying power; if any of you have a budget option let me know below!

Peace, love and scented candles,

The NCLinsider xx


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