Ivy Park and the athleisure revolution

Everywhere we go, we see the rise of athleisure in streetwear. From Kendall Jenner sporting mesh leggings and crop tops to Puma collabs with the likes of Rihanna, there’s no doubt sneaker style is flooding the market.

Enter Queen B, complete with brand new clothing line Ivy Park.

Mainly monochrome with hints of baby pink and purple blue, there are some key items which should be snapped up before they sell out.

For example, this bodysuit.

Long-sleeved bodysuit Ivy Park

Bodysuit (£105)

Stretchy and versatile, this can be worn alone or under other workout gear. Pricey, but worth it, especially considering it doubles up as a swimsuit.

Sheer Hoodie (£42), Shorts (£22), Mesh crop (£20)

Even more bodysuit envy…

Ivy Park logo body

Bodysuit (£30)

Plus, the perfect park-jogging outfit.

Long-sleeved mesh top (£30), Sports bra (£30), Leggings (£40), Backless hoodie (£29)

Very stylish, very reasonable. Head to Topshop’s website to snap up a brand new sports wardrobe.

However I will admit, the rest of the collection can err on the side of, well, drab. Plain tees and leggings? Not what we want when we’re buying Beyoncé. And yeah, we get it, your kid’s name is Blue Ivy. But do I want it printed on all my workout gear? Probably not.

Also, what’s with all the weird quotes? ‘The park became my strength’. OK mate. Generally, however, very good sports gear. Good ventilation and comfortable to run in.

7/10, must do better, B.


The NCLinsider xx



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