The Great British Cupcakery?

As promised by my earlier Instagram post, here’s the scoop on The Great British Cupcakery.


Adorable decor, cute theme and decadent-looking cakes make this place and Instagram favourite. I’ve been dying to get down here for months to check it out.


We mellowly ordered our cakes and drinks, and settled down ready to enter a sugar stupor.


However, when it came, nothing was quite right. Apart from just plain wrong orders, like cream on a scone we’d asked for no cream on, the coffee was burnt and the cakes fell just short of impressive.


Although you get massive portion sizes, the actual food was a disappointing mix of oversweet and bland.

When I explained that I’d asked for syrup in my (burnt) coffee, we were met first with a slightly frosty indignance. I then received the same coffee back again, with a shot of syrup dumped in it; not exactly proper barista practise.


However, she did then apologise, make a whole new one (which was much better), give us two free cupcakes and offer us a new scone. Still…

FOOD: 5/10

COFFEE: 5/10



Cutesy enough, maybe I’d go here again to try their savoury food (which looked nice from what I saw at other tables). At a push. If everywhere else was shut. Probably not though.

Their milkshakes are supposed to be nice too, although very cream-heavy. Perhaps better just to stick to Jam Jar shakes (more on these later).

As we stuck our heads outside onto the Quayside, however, I just couldn’t help but take a few snaps.


And then I found the cutest flower shop, which brightened up my afternoon considerably.

12986768_10156713512625526_594575461_o (1)

So here’s a couple of cute pictures to lighten the mood.

12999556_10156713512515526_1277884359_o (1)

Until next time,


The NCLinsider xx


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