Thirsty skin

As anyone with perpetually dry skin will testify, the quest to find the perfect facial moisturiser that doesn’t cost the earth is neverending. A few of my favourites- often suitable for all skin types.

Day to day

Anything from DELAROM. Light but thirst-quenching, I swear you can actually see the difference in your skin as you put it on; smoother and almost blended.


Aquaconfort cream, (38,50 euros)

My all-day, every day favourite. Should work for all skin types, but is perfect for my combination/dry skin.

For problem areas

Everyone has the occasional extra-dry patches, that knuckle that won’t stop cracking or the flaking lip. For stubbornly parched areas, lather on Lanolins Golden Ointment.


Lanolin Golden Ointment (£17.99)

It’s too thick to wear all over, but perfect for troubleshooting. Added bonus if you use it as a lip balm- it tastes like honey.

For a natural glow

Low-maintenance gradual tan that goes on before you go to bed. Nice consistency and good level of tan. Subtly noticeable after just one application.

James Read Sleep Tan.jpg

James Read Sleep Mask Face Tan (£25)

Just make sure you blend this properly, maybe using a spot of foundation to help it graduate in smoothly.

For drenching

That feeling like your skin just took a shower, dewy and cool, is found in Clinique Moisture Surge.

Clinique moisture surge.png

Clinique Moisture Surge (£34)

Okay, I know I’ve gone on about Clinique before, but I was saving this one for it’s very own post. Too heavy for everyday use unless you have very dry skin, but perfect for a pampering Friday night in, or perhaps as an overnight cream.

For all over

The end of winter means the end of central heating, dry, chapping winds and freezing temperatures. It also heralds the arrival of bare-legged fashion, miniskirts and shorts galore.

Aveeno white.jpg

Aveeno daily moisturising lotion (£7)

Anything from Aveeno is suitably natural, unperfumed and soothing to lather your entire body in, straight after a shower, when your skin has that slightly tight feeling. Fair enough, the packaging isn’t pretty, but your skin will be.

And who can argue with that price?

And a flop…

Sadly every up must come down. This night cream feels okay when you put it on (albeit a bit oily), but after a couple of uses I started noticing breakouts. I lent it to friend N, who has a different skin type, but she had the same problem.

Polaar night cream

Creme Nuit Polaire (42,90 Euros)

Perhaps for an extremely dry skin type, this would work. For my combination to dry skin, it was just a bit pants.

What are your favourite products? Let me know if you’ve tried something you love, or if you want me to review anything new on the market.

For now,

The NCLinsider xx


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