Headingley- The morning after

My final post from Leeds- so sad to go as there’s so much more to explore! I’ll be back soon, but in the meantime, a few of the cutest coffee shops in Headingley to help you blow away the cobwebs (or the start-of-the-week blues!).

First, Café Lento.

Arty and achingly cool, this café is the perfect place to settle in for an hour or two. They boast Lavazza Tierra coffee (10/10), a range of juices, breakfasts and meals.


Unfortunately, genuine and arty often translates to slightly dopey wait-times and service, but you won’t be bored.

Every wall is plastered with posters or maps, and the shelves are lined with books; everything from avant-garde children’s to serious art. Just pick one up and enjoy the browse.

12970590_10156702519490526_1907896145_oThe air about the place is so genuine; if you need the loo you have to pop out through the kitchen and through a little garden to an outhouse.

Cheap prices make Café Lento a classic student haunt, but their real USP is the live jazz music.


I don’t know about you, but ‘Cuba comes to Headingley’ is on my to-do list!

FOOD: 7/10

COFFEE: 10/10



For something French, try Monsieur Dejeuner


I can’t find a link for these guys anywhere online, so if you stumble across one let me know!

French-owned and themed, this tiny cafe is inspiringly Parisian. They play French pop music as they whip up your café creme, and you salivate over these cakes.


Spoiler alert: they taste just as good as they look.


Refreshingly cool and calm, this quirky little coffee shop is worth a visit (or three!), if only to admire the decor. Just saunter up North Lane, just past the Head of Steam.


FOOD: 8/10

COFFEE: 9/10



And finally, Love Rouge

A favourite of friend I, who studies at Leeds and regularly pops in to this adorable shop for a handmade smoothie or their specialist cupcakes.


Located on Otley Road, Love Rouge is first a bakery, and second a cafe. Although slightly pricier than Monsieur Dejeuner and Cafe Lento, their wares exceed all expectations.

Choose from their range of adorable cupcakes, or tuck into a larger slice of red velvet, carrot or seasonal loaf.


If you’ve no sweet tooth, LR also have an extensive (and delicious) range of savoury light bites and lunches; my personal favourite is the BLAT (Bacon, Lettuce, Avocado and Tomato), but N’s mozzarella and cheese melt was also delectable.

Milkshake fan? They’ve got you covered. Nutella is the way forward.

Smoothies? Also great. Their berry one is particularly good. The coffee is good, but falls just short of Cafe Lento and Monsieur Dejeuner standards.

The service, however, was the slowest of them all. It took nearly half an hour for our sandwich to come. This could be my favourite otherwise!

FOOD: 9/10

COFFEE: 8/10




Have I missed out your favourite Headingley laze-away-the-Sunday cafe? Let me know in the comments below.


Love, peace and coffee,


The NCLinsider xx


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