NCLinsider on tour- Leeds *Blue Rinse*

Today was my first full day in Leeds, so, naturally, I hit the shops. Following a set of big name high-street posts, I thought it was time to switch things up.

Enter Blue Rinse.


Set up over 3 floors of women’s, men’s and sportswear, Blue Rinse trades in A and B string vintage wares, from flouncy floral dresses and beaded tops to zip-through backpacks and OG Gazelles.


After BEST became too popular for it’s own good, Blue Rinse popped up just across the street. True, it’s not quite as grass-roots as some of the other vintage shops in the area, but the quality is good and the prices are reasonable; if you hunt around a bit, you’re guaranteed a gem or two.


Take these suede trousers, for instance; at £22 I just had to nab them.


They even make artwork out of their favourite pieces.



Champion jumper, £30.


Denim dress, £25 (Blue Rinse own brand).


Tommy Hilfiger T-shirt, £25.


If these prices still seem a little steep to you, they’re open to offers. Brother J offered £15 for a leather bomber marked £28 and they didn’t bat an eyelid.




Just a quick one today guys; stay tuned for more Leeds adventures and let me know if you have any suggestions where I should go and what I should get up to whilst I’m down here (besides hunting down bargain suede trousers).


The NCLinsider.



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