Chain Check: ZARA- By Day/ By Night (Part I)

Ah, Zara. Long-time fast fashion favourite, allowing us to follow high fashion trends at a low-end budget. I barely step in the place before clothes jump into my arms, carry me to the fitting rooms and eventually the till.

Spring/ Summer 2016 follows this trend to the T; what stood out to me was the variety of one-pieces that could be taken from day to night in a whirl of a wardrobe. Here are a few of my favourites.


By day:

This basket bag follows me around the Zara store- I love how the tough leather straps contrast with the soft suede jacket.

Jumpsuit £39.99, Suede jacket £49.99, Lace trainers £39.99,

Basket tote £35.99, Twisted hoop earrings £12.99

By night:

Orange, orange, orange. Gut feeling. You heard it here first.

Jumpsuit £39.99, Shoes £49.99, Clutch £19.99, Earrings £12.99


By day:

Dress £35.99, Ribbed tee £12.99, Denim jacket £29.99,

Suede bag £29.99, Sneakers £39.99

By night:

Pulling the crochet dress off at night is a toughie- pair with nude, minimalist accessories and a hint of something shiny to highlight the dress.

Dress £35.99, Shoes £29.99,

Bag £29.99, Earrings £9.99


By day:

Soft layering contrasts with these cute brocade slingbacks.

Dress £39.99, Shoes £49.99, Leather bag £59.99, Trench coat £49.99, Necklace £22.99

By night:

Yes, I know this bag is from their kids range. But for £12.99, so you really care?

Shoes £69.99, Dress £39.99, Bag £12.99, Blazer £49.99, Hair gems £12.99

BONUS: Well done for making it to the end of this post. In return I’ve rustled up a little something special.

I didn’t have enough opportunity in these outfits to showcase all of Zara’s denim gems- so I’ve made you a slideshow to peruse at your pleasure. Expect everything from Vetements-inspired distressing to cool summer culottes to Pernille Teisbaek-like cropped flares; Zara’s denim range has got it going on. Fashion crowd favourites are marked in bold.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Denim culottes £19.99Frayed top £22.99,

Cropped bootcut jeans £25.99, Fitted denim minidress £29.99,

Embroidered denim jacket £39.99, Full flare jeans £39.99, Patchwork skirt £25.99, 

It-girl jeans £25.99, Two-tone denim shirt £22.99, 

Loose denim minidress, Vetements-inspired cut jeans £29.99,

Denim midi skirt £25.99, Embroidered dungarees £39.99,

Frayed slouch jeans £29.99, Patchwork white jeans £35.99, Embroidered jeans £35.99


The NCLinsider xx


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