What’s on in NCL? APRIL 2016

April is a huge month for events and gigs in Newcastle, with people desperate for one last blowout before exams in May. With massive headliners the likes of Giggs, Kano and Artful Dodger, students will be out in force throughout the month. A quick lowdown of the events so far- let me know in the comments if there’s any you think I’ve missed. Prices are current as of posting but will go up as more tickets are sold.

Wednesday 13th April- VERDICT: GIGGS

Kriss Kross presents Giggs


PERFECT FOR: Anyone hankering after a blowout after the Easter break.

If you think you’ve not heard any Giggs, let me refresh your memory. Supporting the grime legend are Northampton-based Izzie Gibbs, house and bass from GotSome and 23-year-old Chloe Robinson AKA DJ Barely Legal.

Kriss Kross are Newcastle-based, and have been wildly successful in their previous events, bringing in the likes of Shadow Child, Blonde, Eton Messy and Bondax. However OG managers Ridley Browell and Jamie Wace are rumoured to have left the scene, so no promises.

Tickets are currently going for £10 on second release.

LOCO 2.0

LOCO 2.0

If you’re looking for a cheaper start back to the term, LOCO are throwing their second party at MSA on the same date. With £5 entry and discounted drinks (£2.95 for a mojito can never be a bad idea), LOCO resident DJs promise to play 90s house classics throughout the night, the likes of Groove Armada and Faithless.

The jury is out on MSA as a club for me; I just can’t get over how it looks and feels like a bar. Everyone can still see you when you’re trying to dance like an idiot. However my biggest bugbear (drinks prices) seems remedied at LOCO 2.0.

My choice? You’ll probably find me at Kriss Kross for this one guys- I can’t resist the temptation of Giggs and Izzie Gibbs (together! Live!).

Thursday 14th April:

MISTA presents: Crazy P

MISTA Crazy P 16.jpg

PERFECT FOR: Disco-lovers

Following last year’s album, Chris Todd and Jim Baron are back with their signature underground disco sound. An alternative take on the wave of electronica currently sweeping Newcastle, visit MISTA for a 3 hour musical education. New sounds, fusions and techniques will make this gig different to any other throughout April.

MISTA throw house and disco events in both Newcastle and London. When up north, they reside at World Headquarters, a well-sized, well-run, happy club in the city centre. Tickets are currently on sale for £8.

Friday 15th April

Elrow presents: Green Velvet B2B Patrick Topping.

Elrow April 16

Tomorrowland veterans Green Velvet meet house legend Patrick Topping in Spanish entertainment company Elrow’s first foray into Newcastle.

PERFECT FOR: Househeads. I mean, really, this is unmissable. It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve seen Patrick Topping.

Tickets are currently going for £32- expensive for NCL but bear in mind Elrow throws parties across the globe, from Ibiza to Barcelona to international festivals.

Saturday 16th April – VERDICT: ARTFUL DODGER

Troupe presents: KANO

KANO 16.jpg

PERFECT FOR: Anyone looking to old-school grime roots.

The Outlook Launch Party and Troupe bring you Kano at Warehouse 34. For months, you could barely move in the grime scene but to hear Made in the Manor. Following its wildly successful drop, Kano is bringing some real-life New Bangers to our Endz (sorry).

Troupe have been hosting events in Newcastle and across the UK for years- well established, you know this night will run without issue. This does mean tickets are already £10 on first release though, soon to increase to £12, so be quick to get yours.

Support from Capulet.

Stage One Events presents: Artful Dodger

Artful Dodger 16.png

PERFECT FOR: Garage lovers. And anyone else, too.

If grime isn’t your thing, or even if it is, there’s another huge name in town this week. Artful Dodger are back in Newcastle following huge success at their previous performances.

I have a confession to make- I have watched Artful Dodger five times. FIVE TIMES. I never get bored. They are the epitome of a good night out. Just go. Really. You’ll see what I mean.

A huge signing for Stage One Events, a Newcastle-based company who have hosted events and nights since the year I arrived and long before. This is one of their first forays into big DJ signings, having brought Oneman up in January to great success.

Best of all? £5 entry– and no ticketing. Yes, you read that right.

Vibration presents: DJ Cryptic

Vibration 16.jpg

For the hardcore bassline fans out there, if you’re not still recovering from this massive week in Newcastle events, head down to Worldies for Dr Cryptic and Thorpey, who’ll be hitting the decks as headliners for Vibration Newcastle.

Vibration are based at WHQ, responsible for hosting bassline nights throughout the year. They’re relatively new, having only been launched in late January this year, so any feedback would be appreciated if any of you guys head down. I can’t go as I’ll be seeing Artful Dodger. Again.

Tickets £8.

Tuesday 19th April

Future Funk’s 1st Birthday ft. My Nu Leng

Future Funk My Nu Leng

PERFECT FOR: Big name house

Future Funk is a budding company in Newcastle that has managed to establish itself pretty well over the last year. With wacky themes and varied music, they’re topping off their first year with a massive signing.

My Nu Leng need no introduction, but in case you haven’t heard much from them, here’s a couple to get you started. The catch? They’re down to their last 50 tickets, going at £16.90. Book quickly, house junkies.

Wednesday 20th April

Parallel Dimensions presents: Andre Hommen

Andre Hommen

PERFECT FOR: Deep house fans

As you can probably guess from the minimalist branding, we’re about to delve into very deep house. If you don’t believe me, check out his website.

Seriously though, a German house legend making his way over to Newcastle is pretty big news. Parallel Dimensions have been around for a couple of years now, with intentions to ‘preserve all elements of the dance scene’. Not least of their duties seems to be making their tickets ridiculously cheap, starting at only £5.

Thursday 21st April

Pirate Material presents: Flava D


PERFECT FOR: Brand new music with an old school sound.

I have such a weakness for Pirate Material– probably my favourite event host operating in Newcastle. Their appeal manifests itself in ahead-of-the-curve signings, hard graft and what seems like a genuine desire to please their clientele.

They do not disappoint with Flava D, London-based Butterz label hit parade, known for ‘Hold On‘ and ‘On My Mind‘ (both worth a listen if you have a minute).

Tickets are available for £10 first release.

Oh, and did I mention the support? Elijah & Skilliam (Butterz) and Chimpo (Levelz).

Friday 22nd April

Ape-X present: Daniel Avery, Volte-Face, Man Power, No Moon, Ian Blevins

Ape-X 22nd April 2016.jpg

Daniel Avery dropping Drone Logic catapulted him to dance music superstardom in 2012, leading him to international fame and a feverishly sought-after Fabric residency. For a chance to see him in the flesh, head to Cosmic Ballroom on the 22nd.

Tickets are on final release- £17.50.

30th April- 1st May

The Soul Food Yard Party

The Tyne Bar Soul Food Yard Party.jpg

PERFECT FOR: A big weekender

Something a little bit different- SoulJam DJs at the Glasshouse Bridge over two days, accompanied by street food stalls like burritos, pizzas and crepes.

As any NCL veteran will know, SoulJam DJs never disappoint. Surrounded by an original mix of uplifting groove, funk and soul, I defy you not to dance.

My idea of heaven- expect pictures from this one as it’s not one I plan on missing!


Peace and love,

NCLinsider xx


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