Prima Ristorante

I’ve long wanted to try Prima Ristorante, nestled adorably on the corner opposite Livello on the Quayside. It’s been a favourite of my friend C’s since we both moved to Newcastle three years ago, yet (shockingly, considering I eat out most weeks) she has never quite managed to drag me down there.

I used this as an excuse to drag friend and housemate N down last week to celebrate the end of term. The modest restaurant front gave way to a small seating area close to the bar, and then a cavernous space filled with soft lighting, clinking glasses and smiling customers. Set under the high bridge, Prima boasts gorgeous original features such as its preserved stone arch and walls. Elegant but not fussy.

I was impressed by the extremely reasonable menu, especially from a restaurant on the Quayside. The special options were varied, from which I plumped for crab ravioli to start (delicious). N had the smoked salmon with capers and wolfed it down.

We settled down to watch our pizzaiolo at work; before long, we had two beautiful pies before us (mine a proper Hawaiian, hers with pine nuts, spinach and goats cheese). After a few more drinks (the Spiced Tropical Mojito is a must), we called for the bill and rolled away satisfied with ourselves.


Food – 7/10

Service – 6/10

Atmosphere – 8/10

Value – 9/10



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